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Interior or exterior painting projects in Southwest Florida are home improvement tasks that nearly every homeowner is, at some point, is tempted to tackle.

There are many things to consider before you decide whether your particular painting project is worth spending money.

Interior painting projects in Southwest Florida before you go it alone, get an estimate from First Choice Home Improvement.

Exterior painting projects in Southwest Florida are far more demanding than their interior cousins.  Here, the cost of hiring a professional is far more justified for many reasons. Not only will the pros be better versed in which brands of paint hold up better in your area, but the scaffolding, preparation techniques, and professional sanding, stripping and spraying equipment they’ll bring to the job will also make the entire project safer, more effective and faster. In fact, because of the increased amount of extra work this project requires, the difference in price between a professional estimate and a do-it-yourself cost can be extremely small. Exterior painting projects are a lot of work, and the tedium of doing this task well often compels homeowners to cut corners to save time. This, of course, is a mistake. Cutting corners, skimping on preparation and rushing through this project can lead to less-than-impressive results almost immediately, and when you consider the likelihood of having to do the whole exterior over years before a professional job would show signs of wear, hiring a pro right from the start makes a lot of sense.

Those who do hire a professional have every reason to make sure they hire the best one available like First Choice Home Improvement. Since interior painting projects are often very different from the exterior, it makes sense that many companies specialize in one or the other. When discussing your project with prospective painting contractors in Southwest Florida, make sure to ask about which type of painting they consider their specialty. You also want to make sure the company you hire was chosen for characteristics other than the bottom-line price. Since painting projects are technically less demanding than other home improvement tasks, there is a much greater chance of running into companies with inadequate experience or poor business practices. The best companies often have to charge a little more to keep good help, equipment in good shape and get the job done right. Remember, if going with a low estimate leaves you with a paint job that fades or chips prematurely, you’re not saving any money at all!

You will have peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of professionals and that your home will be treated with respect from beginning to end. We will be glad to have a color and technique consultation with you to make your vision a reality!

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