6 Reasons Why You Need to add Outdoor Living Spaces in your Home

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Florida’s enviable climate and love of outdoor living make creating the ultimate retreat a top priority for many homeowners. One in two Florida homeowners uses their outdoor space for entertaining. Personalization and a quest to improve privacy are the top motivators to renovate. Homeowners crave spaces that are comfortable, fit for entertaining, functional and low-maintenance. To cater accordingly, they must serve as additional rooms, creating a haven perfect for relaxing and living in.

Outdoor living spaces in Florida are favorable to almost everyone. If you want to make the most of your space, but the rain blues are dampening your creative inspiration.

Here are some 6 reasons why you need outdoor living spaces in your home.

  1. A great way to add extra value to your home is to make more usable living space out in the garden and lawn. There are plenty of simple yet effective ways to draw people outside. That’s why outdoor living space is needed to add more extra value to your home.
  2. It doesn’t just have to be a lawn area for the kids to play or for the dog to run around. If the land area is there and there’s even a hill, tree or creek running through the property, choose to use that natural asset to draw people out to the deck.
  3. Outdoor living areas give homeowners a chance to picture themselves the way they’d like. This could be a place to enjoy their morning coffee, read a book or entertain friends. Adding a lanai to an entertaining area is a great way to increase the impact on the landscape. By covering it you can make the space more usable come rain, hail or shine.
  4. An actual structure can add even more value. Even if you have a small land area, you can still add value by adding an awning to the patio. Now it’s a usable dining space even in wet weather.
  5. Adding living space to your garden not only adds value, but it goes hand in hand with the outdoor area, laid-back lifestyle. You could relax and enjoy the weather.
  6. Do you have enough seating for all the family plus any unexpected guests? If you want to replicate the feel of a living area outside, you must have enough seating for the whole family. But don’t rush out to buy a piece of new garden furniture set just yet. Retractable awnings affixed to your home’s outside wall is one option; and thankfully, these canopies have come a long way since the days of stripy materials that made your home resemble an 80s ice cream parlor

There are plenty of options to shelter from the rain and keep the sun out when it’s at its most dangerous for your outdoor space1st Choice Home Improvement has top skilled designers to help you achieve your desired look. With 1st Choice Home Improvement working beside you during a detailed consultation in your home, we will be able to visualize your vision and create a reality. If you are looking to add a beautiful outdoor addition to your, or just have questions, contact our professionals now! Let’s create your dream space together! Call us now at 239-265-1872!