Ways to make Your Home Appealing and Increase Value

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Thousands of properties have been extended with a super sleek kitchen-diner addition, a beautiful gardencontemporary office space or functional bathroom.  Whatever your needs, we can supply a fabulous one-stop solution.

Whether you are looking to add a dramatic contemporary structure or reproduction orangery, we can realize your aspirations. From Bathroom remodelingkitchen remodelinginterior and exterior paintingpatio and deck, interior remodelingoutdoor living spacestile and wood flooringdriveway and lanai pavers. 1st Choice Home Improvement does it all. Here are simple ways to make your home appealing and add value:

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding has a way of making a room look complete or finished; it brings the ceiling and the walls together, giving them an elegant appearance. Without this finishing touch, rooms tend to look cheap or unfinished.

Paint it Right!

Paint color is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions to make when decorating a room, especially when the remaining décor will be based on the color palette. However, if elegance is what you are after, certain colors add instant glamour to your home.

Put Pillows

Pillows throughout your home serve two purposes. One, if they are chosen correctly, they can punch-up the elegance factor. Two, they provide your guests with a little extra comfort on the couch and offer a cozy, layered feeling to your rooms.

Light it Up!

Some pieces may require a little buffing or a new paint job but can look like a million dollars for just a few bucks. Besides, be sure to have several different light sources, including table lamps and floor lamps throughout the home to increase the elegant feeling.

Accessories do the Job!

Most average homes lack the necessary accessories to bring that elegant touch to the space. While many may use the excuse that accessorizing would over-extend their budget, the exact opposite is true. There are many affordable ways to accessorize your home while staying within your budget, especially if you think gold. Accessorize with gold picture frames, gold mirrors, or one of the new, modern gold-legged tables that are appearing in designer showrooms.

Keep it Clean

Surprisingly, one of the most affordable ways to make your home look elegant on a budget is free. All you need to do is clean and declutter your home. Weekly dusting and vacuuming can make your home feel high-end.

Our collaborative team approach means our clients get help and support every step of the way. From advice and guidance into the feasibility of the construction, through the planning stage and on to providing input on material choice and identifying cost-saving meets with our client’s aspirations for their new home and complies with their expectations in terms of the available budget.  We safeguard the vision of a chosen design so it becomes a reality.

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